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Jul 16, 2021 IST Team

17 Electrician Memes That Are Legit Funny (Shockingly)

Memes: we love them. We really love funny electrician memes that are actually funny.

Here are 17 electrician memes that are legit funny (shockingly).

1. Carpenters 'R' Not Us

when an electrician takes up carpentry

An i&e technician will shake their head at this.

2. Rook, We Have a Test for You

when the rookie goes to the breaker box

At least he's not a pile of ash!

3. How to Know That You're Livin' The Dream

the struggle is real


The job is already hard enough...we don't need to be treated like temps as well.

4. This Isn't a Game

my apprentice does not work hard

Honestly that kid right there with no training would probably do a better job.

5. Spaghetti = Good. Cables = Bad.

being a electrician is good they said!

The amount of exclamation points here makes me feel like this was written by a jackhammer in road construction.

6. How The World Views Us:

what electricians do

What I really, really do: smoke break.

job opportunities for skilled tradesmen

7. Never Ever


Apprentices for the first couple of years.

8. Unbreakable Means A Movie with Samuel L Jackson

unbreakable lie

Types "electrician drill bit that really really really won't break" into Google...again...

9. Death Row Showers

worst plumber this guy

This is like the chicken or the egg...was it the plumber or the electrician that came first?

Definitely the electrician.

10. Dr. Evil, Telling It Like It Is

dr. evil air quotes "industrial electrician"

When you absolutely need sharks with friggin' laser beams on their heads.

And when you actually need to be called an industrial engineer with benefits and the respect you deserve.

11. The Crew

the foreman compared to the apprentice

How did they get a picture of me?

12. Fool-Proof Design

a dummy-proof drill

Here's your test, rook: go hang up your precious college diploma on the wall.

13. Go Go Electricians

AJ Pressley's got jokes

We also don't dance around in multi-colored leotards but okay.

job opportunities for skilled tradesmen

14. 100% Accurate.

THE breaker finder 5000

The elegance of this is horrifying.

15. Of Course They Meant the Date

smoke detector with "installed on the ceiling" written on it

The day is saved thanks to Captain Obvious.

16. More Tests for the Apprentice

a shocking joke

What do you call someone who can't spell an apprentice electrician?

The same guy who wrote "the ceiling" on the smoke detector.

17. Finally, Adding a Little Bit of Something

extra zip ties FTW

Just a little more zest.
job opportunities for skilled tradesmen
Published by IST Team July 16, 2021
IST Team